Our Story

We Welcome to HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital, nestled in the serene heart of Electronic City, Bengaluru. Our journey began in 2017, fueled by a vision to harmonize ancient wisdom with modern healing practices. As proud custodians of holistic well-being, we stand tall, independent and self-sustained, offering a sanctuary of health and rejuvenation.

Here how our campus looks like



Our Distinctive Features:

  1. Heritage and Innovation: We honor our roots by weaving together the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Naturopathy with cutting-edge advancements in alternative medicine. Our treatments are a symphony of tradition and progress, resonating with the rhythm of healing.

  2. Collaborative Beginnings: Our inception was marked by fruitful partnerships. First, with Chengyathu Ayurveda, and later, with the esteemed P. Allikutty Kottakal Ayurveda Hospital. These collaborations enriched our knowledge and paved the way for our independent voyage.

  3. Sprawling Campus: Our lush 2-acre campus cradles seekers of well-being. Amidst verdant greenery, you’ll find solace, serenity, and the promise of restoration. Whether you seek Ayurvedic care, Naturopathy, or prophetic medicine, our haven awaits.

  4. Pharmacy of Healing: Our in-house pharmacy is a treasure trove of potent remedies. Here, ancient herbs and modern formulations converge, ready to be dispensed with care and compassion.

Our Commitment:

At HLC, we believe that health is not merely the absence of illness; it’s a vibrant tapestry of balance, vitality, and inner harmony. Our team of skilled practitioners, therapists, and wellness guides are dedicated to unraveling your unique path to well-being. We invite you to step into our healing embrace, where every treatment is a brushstroke on the canvas of your wellness journey.

Discover the art of living well at HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital—where tradition meets transformation, and healing becomes a symphony of the soul.

Dr. Hyder Vali

the visionary founder of HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital. Driven by a profound commitment to holistic healing, he embarked on a transformative journey to address illnesses at their very roots. His personal experience—a triumphant battle against diabetes through Ayurveda and naturopathy—ignited the flames of passion that led to the establishment of this exceptional institution.

HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital stands as a beacon of excellence in India. Here, ancient wisdom converges with modern science, creating a harmonious symphony of healing. Dr. Vali’s unwavering dedication has shaped a sanctuary where well-being flourishes, and where every patient is embraced with compassion and personalized care.

Step into our healing haven, where the spirit of Ayurveda and the nurturing touch of nature intertwine. Discover a path to wellness that transcends mere treatment—it’s a transformative journey guided by Dr. Hyder Vali’s vision and unwavering commitment

Dr. D. Jayaprakash

A seasoned practitioner with over 20 years of expertise in naturopathy. His unwavering commitment has graced HLC for more than 2 years, where he passionately dedicates himself to the well-being of our cherished patients.

Dr. Jayaprakash specializes in a spectrum of health challenges, including neurological disorders, stroke or paralysis, diabetic reversal programs, obesity, insomnia, depression, and migraines. His holistic approach weaves ancient wisdom with contemporary insights, creating a tapestry of well-being. Dr. Jayaprakash’s empathetic presence provides solace to those battling emotional storms, fostering resilience and healing. Step into our healing haven, where the spirit of Ayurveda and the nurturing touch of nature intertwine. Discover a path to wellness that transcends mere treatment

BNYS, MD (Acu), MBA (H - Admin), NABH

Dr. C. Krishnasree

Dr. Krishnasree is an esteemed Ayurvedic physician with a wealth of experience exceeding 12 years in the field. Her roots in Ayurveda run deep, originating from a long-standing tradition of Ayurvedic practitioners in Kerala. She proudly carries the torch as the fourth generation of her family to practice this ancient healing system.

Her extensive experience and knowledge encompass a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic practices, with a strong focus on the renowned Kerala Panchakarma therapies. These therapies are particularly effective in addressing chronic health conditions by purifying and rejuvenating the body.

Dr. Krishnasree specializes in several key areas of Ayurveda:

1. Pediatric Diseases: With a compassionate approach, Dr. Krishnasree excels in diagnosing and treating pediatric ailments, offering holistic care that caters to the unique health needs of children.

2. Respiratory Diseases: Her expertise extends to the management of respiratory conditions, where she utilizes Ayurvedic principles to provide relief and long-term solutions for issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

3. Skin Diseases: Dr. Krishnasree is adept at using Ayurvedic methods to treat various skin disorders, helping patients achieve and maintain healthy and radiant skin.

4. Gynecological Health: She specializes in women's health, addressing a range of gynecological concerns and supporting women through different phases of life with Ayurvedic care.

5. Ayurvedic Pre and Postnatal Care: In the context of modern child and maternal care, her expertise in pre and postnatal care is highly relevant, emphasizing the importance of Ayurvedic practices for the health and well-being of both mothers and their children.

6. Dietetics: Dr. Krishnasree recognizes the significance of nutrition in overall well-being and provides guidance to her patients on making dietary choices in accordance with Ayurvedic principles.

Currently, Dr. Krishnasree is making her expertise available to patients at HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital, situated in Electronic City, Phase-1, Bengaluru. Her association with this reputable healthcare institution underscores her commitment to offering authentic Ayurvedic treatments and natural healing methods to the community.

With her extensive experience, deep-rooted family heritage, and unwavering dedication to holistic health, Dr. Krishnasree stands as a trusted Ayurvedic practitioner who brings the wisdom of generations to her patients, fostering health and vitality through the timeless traditions of Ayurveda.

How carry out extensive research to explore the wisdom of ancient medicinal systems and propagate it intensively as the "Gate way of positive health" to eliminate the sufferings of the humanity.




Propagation and practice of natural health system in terms of holistic way of life

We are obliged to serve equally the socio - economically deprived people by extending best of our services with absolute zero cost


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