HLC Yoga Programme

Learn the fundamentals & essentials for complete health, fitness, strength & flexibility with step by step breakdown of poses, transitions & body balance.

All of our instructors are fully trained and focus on postural alignment and breathing. Instruction is for everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis wishing to go deeper into their practice. Our instructors are available for complimentary consultation for guests who would like to discuss any concerns or to tailor a personalized program.

Hatha Yoga | 60 min

Hatha yoga helps to regulate breathing by way of corrective posture and stretching exercises to provide healthy body function, inner awareness and sense of calmness.

Aerial Yoga | 60 min

In aerial yoga, your body weight is supported by a ‘hammock’. This swath of soft fabric, suspended from the ceiling, supports your body in the poses and allows your body to work against gravity, helping you get deeper into stretches. It also means you can do many supported inversions, which results in health benefits unique to aerial yoga.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga | 60 min

Go with the energy flow of the body; increase your strength and flexibility through a synchronized breath-sound movement. This is a dynamic and fast paced series of postures allowing you to deepen your asana practice and move into meditation.

Shiva-Shakti: Couples Yoga | 60 min

Shiva-Shakti represents the male-female elements of the universe, and those represented within all of us. Shiva is the lord of Destruction and he is complemented by the energies of the divine Goddess Shakti. Shiva is incomplete without Shakti. Hence the practice is a balancing of male-female energies within all of us and a beautiful union to harmonies male-female energies within couples.

Aqua Yoga | 45 min

Aqua Yoga uses the healing power and support of water to enhance basic yoga moves. Water resistance increases the effectiveness of the postures allowing a gentle strengthening of joints and muscles. This practice is recommended for those with limited mobility.

Pranayama | 30 min

In a Pranayama session, attention is placed on breathing. Pranayama literally means expansion of Prana, which is life force or vitality. Pranayama addresses breathing patterns and assists in the removal of toxins, enhancing an individual’s state of overall wellbeing.

Aerial Meditation | 45 min

Aerial Meditation transforms the mind. Floating guided meditation while suspended in a silk hammock helps in balancing the motions, awakens the mind and fight daily stress.

Personalized Meditation | 30 min

Personalized meditation sessions include guided meditation and relaxation techniques. These techniques equip you with the ability to relax and rejuvenate the entire body-mind system.

Yoga Team

Dr. Renuka Manjunath

BAMS, MD Ayurveda, PhD scholar (Yoga and Life science)  Ayurvedic General Physician

Dr. Sajin Thermadom Chakkalakkal

BAMS, MD Ayurveda, PhD Scholar(Yoga and Life sciences)
MBA (Medical Administration)
(Designation) – Scientific Research Wing and Med spa Ayurvedic General Physician