Patient Testimonials


I was suffering from Hypothyroidism and PCOD. I happened to visit HLC Ayurveda and nature cure hospital, I started my treatment with medicines and followed a strict diet as prescribed by Doctors at HLC, fortunately within few months my issues got solved and I am blessed with a baby boy. Thanks to HLC team for the great support.


I had Hypothyroidism and PCOD since many years and consulted many doctors, but nothing worked well. After the consultation at HLC, I started my medicines as suggested and got complete relief within few months.

Ashmitha Rangaswamy

I had severe menstrual bleeding along with mood swing and anxiety, and had undergone hormonal replacement therapies as well, but the condition aggravated. Later, through my friend reference I visited HLC and continued Ayurvedic medicines for about six months. I really could feel drastic changes in my health within few days. I am extremely happy now I would like to thank whole team for their great support


When I came here I had severe stomach pain, so I underwent scanning in that it was found that I had a cyst in my left ovary, so I was about to undergo DNC and surgery which was not acceptable for me. I came here in HLC and happened to meet Dr Shakil and got to know that there is a medicine for it and I underwent a medication for fifteen days and right now I came with a new scanning reports which says that I don’t have a cysts at all am so happy about it. Thanks to HLC team


I was suffering from uterine fibroid since many years and undergone Allopathic medications which made my health further deteriorated. Later, I consulted HLC and as soon as I started medication my health started responding positively to the treatment and am absolutely satisfied now and leading a peaceful and healthy life thanks to HLC


I was suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attack. I consulted Dr. Shakil, after few session of counseling I progressed a lot and at the end of the treatment I was a better person than before, I would like to say that I got a new life. Thanks to HLC team.

Subhash Ektare

I was suffering from low back pain; I took Allopathic treatment for about four years. I didn’t get much relief, so I came to India and started treatment with this holistic life care and undergone Panchakarma therapy and got the relief in first seven days. Dr. Sathish he took care of my back pain he did some corrections after that I got quite good relief and now am coming here for more than 10 to 15 times. And doctor told everything is fine now I am quite happy about it.


I was suffering from severe low back pain and knee joint pain, I happened to meet Dr. Sathish at HLC. After the first session of treatment and therapies I got good relief and continued as per doctor’s advice at the end of the treatment I was extremely happy and was able to walk without stick. I thanks to Doctor and his assistance who gave me strength to get back to normal life.


I was badly affected by Rheumatoid arthritis, and suffered a lot with severe pain, which led me to depression, after taking a long duration of Allopathic treatment I was fed up. Luckily I found this hospital, on the first day I was so satisfied and completed the whole sessions. At the end of the panchakarma treatment I was able to do all my household works very confidently and happily.

Shivin swaroop

I highly recommend this hospital for all joint and spine disorders where the patient will get rid of all pains with natural way of treatment without any side effects.


I am 60 years old and was suffering from severe low back pain. Luckily, I visited HLC and am feeling good after my therapy and medicines

Azra Tarannum 

It was my hypothyroid problem for which I undergone treatment here at HLC and to me it was very pleasant experience to be here for treatment. Not only my thyroid function came down to normal but other issues also got subsided subsequently….

Salahuddin Rabbani

I had very bad ache in my neck and back. It happened to be here because of my son who drove me forcefully at HLC. But I am very happy now after having seven days of therapy session as well some medication for just for few weeks…my problem is totally disappeared.

Mohammed Junaid

Although, the treatment here at HLC is a bit costly here for me, but I would like to recommend everyone who is suffering from allergy.

Biju Kumar

I am totally satisfied with the treatment given by Dr Sathish at HLC. I had a problem with my back as it was paining since many months and did not get relieve even after consulting allopathic doctors…but, here it got totally relieved with few months of treatment.


I was suffering from continuous cough and cold with difficulty in breathing…it was very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies…it was at HLC where I got complete solution..

Abdul Azeem

I am from Pune and I am severely affected with Diabetes. Apart from that I was suffering from severe numbness in my feet so much so that I was unable to walk freely without support…I had been admitted here at HLC for 14 days and I was able to walk without support after seeking treatment here.


I got great relief from Parkinson’s disease after having eleven days of sessions in HLC Ayurveda Hospital.

Moosa Darvesh

I have been detected with cancer in my intestine and treated with surgery as well chemotherapy…but after it got relapsed…but after coming and taking treatment from HLC…and till now I have no problem as it is about one year completed…

Srinivas Murthy

I have been diagnosed with prostate enlargement and have been under treatment for the same at Holistic Life Care Hospital. And to my surprise it got resolved within four months. I am now free from all symptoms and my scanning report also came to normal.

Sarbhajith Nand
M/45 years

I am really glad to see that my neck pain which was diagnosed as cervical spondylosis got relieved with Ayurvedic Treatment and the therapies suggested by Dr Sathish here at HLC. I must be thankful to HLC medical team

Sangeetha Nand

It was allergic asthma I was suffering from since long duration with lots of difficulties and hardships. I tried allopathic medicines but in vain. Finally, it was at HLC where I got substantial solution and now I am very happy that my asthma has relieved…

Noorjahan Begum
F/65 years

I am really satisfied with the entire treatment, therapies and medication. It was knee pain which was bothering me from 10 trays. Now, after the treatment it has come down drastically, though not completely.

Sattar Sab

I am a kidney patient and my kidneys are failed and dialysis has been suggested. But, after I started taking treatment here at HLC my kidneys have been improved a lot.

Ayesha Deeba

I was under diabetes treatment here at HLC and I got substantial solution as my sugar level is now under control.


It was awesome to be here to get my knee pain treated. It was my longstanding problem and I developed osteoarthritis. After having sessions of Ayurvedic Therapies and medication, my knee pain relieved and I am walking freely…

Dr Hanumanthappa

I am MBBS doctor and I am a patient of Chronic Renal Failure. Though I did not go for dialysis but I was under allopathic treatment for the same. When I came to know about the treatment here at HLC – Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital and to me it was a gift when I saw that my creatinine started lowering.

Uma Gouri

It was really a great experience to undergo treatment here at HLC for PCOD. It was Dr Yamuna who treated me. Now, I am completely free of disease.

Sabeena Begum

I was a patient of Dr Sayed Shakil at HLC, who treated me for my hypothyroid problem. With few months of treatment my thyroid issue got completely resolved

Shankar Narayan

Even though being physically active, I was suffering from severe allergic asthma and got no relief from allopathic treatment. I am breathing freely now and can do jogging for long distance.

Arun Devasiya

I came to HLC and sought the treatment for my low back pain. I was treated by Dr Sathish and his team. I am really satisfied and I would like to recommend for others to have treatment here.


I have been under treatment for uterine fibroid. After having the long treatment at HLC by Dr Yamuna, I am free of disease without operation.

A. K. Sayyad

I am from Maharashtra and I got hospitalized to get rid of my diabetes. To me it was really a gift when just within seven days my sugar levels went down drastically without any medication.

Abdul Gafar

I have been suffering from throat cancer and had undergone radiation therapy. But my body did not suited with radiation and I suffered with lot of side effects. Finally, I switched on to Ayurvedic medication from HLC and now I am feeling better than before.

Shakuntala Devi

It was my breast cancer for which I undergone the treatment here at HLC. It was just few months of treatment I started getting relief. My physical weakness, pain and other stuffs disappeared few weeks after starting the treatment. I am really happy to have such a marvelous team here!!

Shilpa Sethi

One should not get the throbbing pain in head which I was suffering from. I was diagnosed with migraine for more than 10. I happened to meet Dr Sayed Shakil for my treatment. I am now totally relieved from my symptoms. I am really thankful to HLC medical team!

Kiran Das

I am 25 old I had a fall while playing cricket, and got my back injury, I had been to Allopathy hospital where they advised me to undergo surgery, and to my wonder I got to know about HLC and after consultation with Dr Sathish I started therapy which helped me to get out from this severe pain and surgery as well.

Dhirendra Pratap Singh

I was suffering from severe low back pain, and surgery was highly recommended for me from all the Allopathic hospitals, but I was scared to undergo the surgery. Later I visited to HLC for Ayurvedic treatment and I got a good relief after continuous 14 days of treatment and correction I was absolutely fine.

Arshiya Begum

I was suffering from aftermath effects of Herpes skin infection. At HLC it got cured and all the marks and burning sensation vanished within few weeks of treatment

Arshad Saleem

It was my chronic issue of allergic sinusitis and low back pain for which I took treatment here at HLC. I am fully satisfied and now breathing freely and walking freely.


I am really very glad to see that I can jog or run freely which was not possible due to some ligament all issues in my left leg. I had undergone multiple sessions of therapies and finally it got resolved. 

Vivek Chowdhary

HLC is the place where my low back pain was treated by Dr Sathish. I really liked the manual correction method through which I could get relief from the pain completely

Krishna Murthy

When I was working in industry, I developed breathing difficulty and after consulting I came to know that I have had allergic asthma, and accordingly I took the treatment from various allopathic doctors. But the relief was temporary and nothing worked for me for longer duration. Eventually, I came to know about HLC and undergone treatment here for six to eight months. I happily can say that I am doing pretty good and there is no breathing difficulty.


I was in a great pain while my back was too bad. I was not even able to move and I was almost bedridden. Every orthopedic surgeon suggested me to undergo surgery for which I was not ready mentally and financially as well. But my pain came to an end when I approached one Ayurvedic Hospital, HLC, next to my home, my pain started coming down slowly and finally after three months of period I am able to walk freely.I must be thankful to HLC management and the team.


I am a scientist and working with one company at Bangalore. The health condition I was suffering from was severe allergic cold and cough. Every morning I had bouts of sneezing for about two hours.my work performance gone down to the considerable level as I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work. Despite of taking allopathic medication the health did not improve.it was HLC where my problem had been addressed properly and where the end came to my long daily sufferings.

Sujatha Sabu

I am really glad to see myself losing weight after having diet consultation and medicines at HLC.I really enjoyed the diet plans and other treatments for my low back pain also.I love this place and the doctors are just wow!!

Parvathi Devi

It was my severe low back ache which drove me here after tests and trials of allopathic medications. I just did not want to go with surgery option. But at HLC, it was literally

Sharifa Khan

I had severe problem while breathing and was unable to walk a distance little. Sarcoidosis was the disease diagnosed and even after getting through allopathic treatment it did not subside. But now I am taking treatment at HLC and now I am too happy.


I am taking treatment here at HLC for my liver cancer and I am totally satisfied and my problem is now resolving.


My son Saad was suffering from muscle weakness and day by day it was getting worsened. I started his treatment at HLC and now he is survived and there are improvements in walking.