HLC Multicuisine Restaurant

Food is a pillar for optimum health & wellbeing which is why it is important to integrate it into lifestyle for immediate & real benefits. Our Restaurant works with our diet & nutrition centre to create menus designed to eliminate toxins, improve digestion, boost the immune system & clear your mind. Your diet at HLC when combined our ayurvedic cleanse, therapies & mind-body practices will help your body detox in a safe and controlled manner.

The Menu

Although our chefs  apply nutrition as medicine, they will indulge you with hearty and healthy menus that are co-created with our nutritionists to serve you food that is nutritious as it is delicious. Each dish prepared with a quality, hygiene and love with the freshest of natural ingredients most of which procured from our organic gardens and farms.

The Food Expert

Our Food Designers are nationally recognized chefs and nutritionists, having worked extensively in International 5 Stars and Health Retreats. They create wonderful culinary experiences with a team of doctors, nutritionists and dieticians to set therapeutic, seasonal and sustainable menus that are delicious, full of flavour and goodness for our guests.

Dietary Benefits 

1. Improves vitality & energy

2. Corrects metabolism

3. Bestows radiant skin

4. Boosts immune system

5. Decreases stress

6. Control weight

7. Better sleep