HLC - Patient Information


Patients are encouraged to take an appointment via phone call or email to avoid waiting period. Upon visit, registration is required at the reception counter. 


Enrolment starts with a registration, wherein the patient details and consent forms are obtained and a registration number issued. The registration number will be serving as a reference for all future consultations and admissions.

Consultation & Counselling

A typical first consultation comprises of a detailed personal interrogation, and recording of the health status both current and past. The individual constitution of the patient is also assessed.


The diagnosis of the state of health and that of the diseased state is arrived at by a combination of this personal Discussion. Interrogation is strong and connotes negativity, physical examination by a qualified doctor if felt necessary and a through clinical laboratory testing / other diagnostic procedures as deemed fit.

Therapeutic Intervention

Based on the diagnosis, a course of treatment is chalked out in consultation with the patient. The Intervention would comprise of one or more of the following

• Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Modifications
• Counselling and Stress Management
• Prescription for Ayurvedic Medicines / Supplements
• Prescription for Yoga / Physiotherapy / Fitness Sessions
• Occupational Therapy
• Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions at The Med-Spa

Outpatient Department

• OP-Reception
• Registration Counter
• OP Nurse Stations and waiting lounges
• Ayurvedic Pharmacy
• Assistant Physicians Room
• Consultants Rooms
• Wash rooms
• Therapy rooms
• Yoga centre

In-Patient Care

Patients can avail high quality treatment supervised, monitored and delivered by our medical team and support staff at our 24/7 health resort. Learn more about the health resort.

The health resort set in a hamlet style has 19 spacious cottages with tasteful interiors & ethnic décor comes with a living space, bedroom and bathroom. All cottages are airconditioned with Wi-Fi, television and laundry services. 

The designated doctors will visit you once a day and their assistants twice a day to ensure that all developments with regard to your health are observed, recorded and passed on to your treating physician for further decision and action. 

Patients advised other forms of therapy like Yoga or Physiotherapy etc would be reminded and guided respective sessions by the staff as per schedules. Diet for the patient will be served in the room or the diet and nutrition centre.

General Guidelines

To serve you better we urge you to follow some basic instructions before any therapeutic procedures:

• Carry all the necessary information like medical summary, medical reports (blood reports, X Rays, MRI etc) to arrive at the best diagnosis. You could also email soft/scanned copies before your visit.
• Our therapies are best enjoyed on light stomach. Please keep a 2-hour gap before the therapy.
• Kindly remove your contact lenses prior to the therapy session.
• Any pain or discomfort to be immediately brought to the notice of our staff and duty doctor.
• Please put your mobile phones on sleep or on silent mode.
• Our campus is alcohol and smoke free to aid faster healing.

Billing & Payment Options

An advance of 50% of the estimated cost of the program is collected at the time of admission and the billing is done on a daily basis. You shall be asked to remit further sums of money if the total billing is about to exceed the advance paid. Payments may be made by cash, Transfer to our bank account or through credit cards.