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Get back on your back – Treatment for lumbar spondylosis

lumbar spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis Ayurveda treatment from HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital, one of the best ayurvedic hospitals in Bangalore ensures a completely natural cure for back pain.

Back pain is one health condition that makes us feel extremely restless. If you still ignore and continue to work, and strain your back; in the long run, you will end up remaining in constant pain throughout the day. This will affect your health and disrupt your activities of daily routine.

The Ayurveda treatment from HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital for back pain when practiced will help restore our good health, helping us to perform our daily work at ease.

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain includes both internal oral intake of medications as well as external treatments. Ayurvedic treatment at HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital, the best Ayurvedic hospital in Bangalore, aims to treat the underlying back pain in response to the mind and body.

Ayurvedic treatment for most health conditions involves the balance of the three doshas; Vata, Kapha, And Pitta.

Lumbar Spondylitis is an arthritis-based spine and joint health condition that causes inflammation in the spinal cord and also affects the joints of the spine, in the lower back. Spondylitis most commonly occurs in the lowest part of the lumbar spine that connects the pelvis to the spine.

Although, the causes of spondylitis are unknown, according to reports several risk factors have been determined that could contribute to a person’s progression of this condition: Sitting in the same position for several hours all day, not using the right kind of chair for sitting, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking can cause the neck to stiffen thus aggravating the symptoms of lumbar spondylosis. Lack of physical activity also results in the weakening of the muscle structure that supports the skeletal frame; hence, this fails to adequately support and relieve the strain that is caused on the bones and joints.

According to Ayurveda, Lumbar Spondylitis is a health condition that is caused when the Vata dosha is aggravated leading to an imbalance in the Vata dosha. This imbalance further results in a kind of spine-related arthritis that could possibly lead to long-term disability. Lumbar Spondylitis thus is an autoimmune disorder where the disc between the vertebrae gets swollen up; thereby, limiting the movement. This condition usually begins in late adolescence.

How to Get back on your back – Treatment for lumbar spondylosis includes detoxification and the elimination of toxins or AMA from the body. The Ayurvedic treatment for lumbar spondylosis mainly involves the prescription of the right healthy and nutritious diet and avoiding the intake of Vata enhancing foods. It revolves around the lifestyle changes that one needs to inculcate. The Ayurvedic doctor will prescribe medications in the form of herbal preparations that need to be consumed.

Panchakarma therapy techniques such as Kati Vasti, Sarvangadhara, and Patrapinda Svedana have proven to be extremely beneficial for the Ayurvedic treatment for lumbar spondylosis or low back pain treatment. There are also effective Ayurvedic treatment for lumbar spondylosis and other associated pains and discomfort that accompany this disorder. According to Ayurveda, rheumatic pains are caused due to the formation and accumulation of toxins in the body, Ayurvedic treatment uses herbal formulations to calm the Vata Dosha and aims at digesting the AMA by giving herbs; thus, balancing aggravated Vata. Herbs such as dry ginger, turmeric, guggul, turmeric, fenugreek, ashwagandha, and giloy are used to effectively manage and aid the Treatment for lumbar spondylosis.

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